Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Today me and my class started our 2nd lesson on levers there are three class effort, fulcrum and load. Here are some examples

1st class is a seesaw when a person puts effort on one side and the other side is the load because he or she is making them go up while some is putting effort and the fulcrum is the middle of the seesaw.

The 2nd class is an wheelbarrow because the effort is in the middle and the load is were you hold and the fulcrum is at the other end.

The 3rd is an arm because of your joints are acting like a fulcrum and effort is your muscles in the middle of your arm so when your holding something in your hand that will be the load. That is what we learnt so far then we put that in to a little crafting activity using pen,paper, glue and size's putting what we learnt in to action.

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  1. Kia Orana Kori, thank you for sharing your learning with us! Your creation looks great, any chance you could turn it around so that it is easier for your audience to see?

    Just to give a little bit of feedback, for a second class lever, the load is in the middle. So, think about a wheelbarrow, and what we put into the wheelbarrow to move it around - that is the load.

    For future posts, would be awesome to know what you thought about your activities! Looking forward to reading them, Miss D