Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Seeking feedback or feed-forward

Seeking feedback or feed-forward
I am going to talk about one of my goals i have chosen for my Assessment...

Seeking feedback is about asking a teacher or an other person to look at my work to to see what I need to work on and them giving feed forward is giving me an idea and help to make my work look better or my skills.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Self Management

  • What is self management?
self management is when are doing the are thing when know one is watching you and when you are listing to the teacher because that way you can information to finish work faster   
  • Why is it important we are self managed?
Self Management is important because it sets you up for success in life because of those little things you do in class can help you make other people respect you and trust you with things to do on your own without the teacher or other people in your lifetime like when you go look for a job
  • What are some strategies to be self managed? (don’t forget about the slides we created together..)
some strategies for self management is motivation to help you and goal setting so you will move forwards to those goals.



- strengths in P.e (Things that i'm good at)
W - weakness in P.e (Things that i'm not good at)
O - opportunists in P.e (Different job opportunists that P.e can give)
T - Threats in P.e (things that will stop me)

- basket ball
- helping people
- listening
- coming up with ideas

- sometimes not finishing my work on time
- some sports

- being a P.e Teacher
- Health Teacher
- freinds
- family

- friends sometimes
- youtube
- video games
- other work