Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kori's grave yard narrative.

Kori, Sonny and Mosa were going to a sleepover at Mo’s house.  They took a short-cut to Mo’s house but they had to go through the graveyard Kori was freaking out, Sonny said he saw something then they heard it shout “I’m coming”. They ran but Mosa was too slow, “I’m coming to eat you”. Mosa got eaten by the Thing. Kori and Sonny ran for their lives they got to Mo’s house they told Mo’s Dad, he went to get an axe from the shed they went back to the graveyard the Thing said “I’m coming to get you all and eat you all!!!” Kori, Mo and Sonny were running but Mo got eaten by the Thing then it got Sonny too, Kori was running but he got eaten then Mo’s Dad punched the Thing in the face it fell backwards and vomited people out then the Thing died.


  1. Hi Kori-Lee l like your movie it is cool keep up the good work

  2. hi i like the movie it is cool good work

  3. Hi Kori i like your story it was so cool I don't wate to I get more from you keep up the good work