Monday, December 16, 2013

korilee Farewell

I am year 7 at Tt England school and it has being a good year in 2013. I have done cool things this year like doing art and making movies for the school. 

I have made very cool friends this year. Their names are Sonny and 
Mosa. Farewell to you two.  It has been a cool and a good year with yous.

Thank you Mrs Nua for  helping me with my reading. You have been very cool teacher.

I hope I am going to be in room 20 next year or in room 22 next year for 2014 it well be cool to be in one of those classes.

I like doing art and making movie for the school and. I like doing
my reading. Reading is cool for people like me and making funny


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a south African, reserved president. He was born on July 18 1918 and died on 5 December 2013. he spent 27 years in jail. Nelson Mandela first was blair high school he got sent to high school first then he went to local mission school.

Nelson Mandela died when the was 95 year old.He got arrested for breaking the law because he wanted to have the white and black together .

Nelson Mandela was in his 30s when he was sent to jail for believing that  white and black  people could be together. He was sent to jail for 27 years for what he did. Even in jail he was leader. After jail he was called many nice names. He made people dreams and hopes come true.

Nelson Mandela got out of jail when he was 50 he had a long hard long life he only got to have one person for 30min to talk to them then they would have to go.And he will only get to send one letter per month.

Nelson Mandela was a man to look up to in there day in this day people think that black people are weird so as the white people.

Nelson Mandela was just getting out of the hostillbull then just a few weeks later he got very sick the he had to go back the he got out again then 3or4 weeks later he died.

netbook Reflection

(How has having a netbook connected to the internet helped my learning this year?)

ANSWER:It has helped me by being internet weights and more safe.

(What special thing have you learnt from your teacher this year ?)
helping with my math and my reading and looking on line for some
thing to do for wiring like my narrative 

(What significant thing you have learnt by your self this year ?)

ANSWER: I'm geting good at my reading on my net book.
And maths on line there is tow cool maths peac .On line to do maths it called
Maths Whizz and xtramaths. 

(What have you learnt from your friends this year?)

ANSWER:How to get stuff into vimeo on my net book and do not download movies. On the net book. 

(What have you learnt from someone in a different classroom this year?)

ANSWER: Help little kid read on my netbook.

(How have you help other kids learn this year ?)

ANSWER:Do not download games 

(How have you growing your key completion on netbooks this year ?)  

ANSWER: I have gotten better on the netbook and internet and more safe.