Thursday, July 4, 2013

Prospective Student

The boy was climbing up the vertical rocky face. He  made it to the point of the mountain but  was struggling,he look like he was  feeling exhausted. Luckily he only still had a small hill to hike until   he got to the dojo. “I hope I can get into the training school”. The boy is  climbing up the vertical mountain he made it to the top but he was struggling feeling exhausted he still had a small hill to climb till he gets to the dojo.I hope I can get into the training school”. Once he got to the dojo he knock on the door hoping the sansei will let him in.

The sansei just’s point’s away. The boy think that he is not good enough  to come to the training school. So he prove his self worthy to go to the school. It has been one day and night of meditation.In the moring he opens one of his eyes and sees the sansei. Then the boy stand up but the sansei point’s away again he take a big breath in and then out then he  run at the door and kick it opened the sansei point’s  and then the boy looks. And it is a sign that say’s use the side entry. He was so embarr