Monday, July 31, 2017

Projectile motion

What is projectile motion?
Projectile motion is what you look at when the object is released on the best angle or height for a better distance or the best way to take your shots for basketball for an example when you line up for your 3's for you to get most of them in you shoot at 45 angle releasing the ball at the best height you can get it in the hoop that's called trajectory (flight bound) as well.

What are the three parts of PM?
 three parts to projectile motion is trajectory that is a flight bound and gravity were the higher you go the greater distance the object will go and the force that you will give.

Explain the activity this morning related to PM?
this morning me and my class related to Projectile motion by doing this activity we had paper and a rubber band we had to rip the paper up and fowled it up or make a little ball then we started to flick it around in the air.

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