Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Musculoskeletal system 06/06

What are the three types of muscles? Give examples of our muscles
Describe what agonist and antagonist muscles are skeletal a muscle which is connected to the skeleton to form part of the mechanical system cardiac the heart They are self-contracting the smooth muscle tissue in which the contractile fibrils are not highly ordered.
What are some movements in the body and examples of the movement in a sport?
flexion and extension is when you are shooting the ball the muscles that are used by doing this is triceps and dltoids and using abduction and addiction is moving your arms away like when your defending the hoop or man on man.

Choose one activity we have completed in class and describe what your task was.
one of the tasks we did in three groups was one person puts on overalls and the other people had to draw the muscles and bones and also name them.


  1. Sup Kori, I really liked reading your writing because it was easy to understand rather than being confused reading from an article on google. It made me think that our bodies are created to do amazing things. Something you could improve on is checking your lower and upper cases in question 3 & 4.

  2. Hey Kori I really liked you writing and I really like the overalls you were wearing.What made me think was the different types of things that happen with you bones and muscles. What I think you can improve on is your punctuation by using more commas in the right places.

  3. Hey Kori, I really like how you explained what the type of movement there is when playing a physical activity, I also like your description on the three type of muscles and what it is. Feedback I would give you is to check out your lower and upper cases in question 3 and 4 to improve on your work.

  4. Hey Kori, great inclusion of a picture to show the activity you participated in. You are missing an important part of the musculoskeletal system - what are agonist and antagonist muscles? I think once you understand this, then you may feel more comfortable describing the movements in sport, and the muscles used to create movements.