Friday, November 21, 2014

Frist Day At Camp

The first day of camp we got  my bags packed. Then I had to take my bags into the hall we were all waiting for the bus.

When the bus got to school we put all our bags in the bus ready to leave. Then we got on the bus with a buddie for the day. My buddie was Sonny we had to wait for the teacher to get the bus then we were leaving.

We stop and went for a big hike miss said it was going to be short but it took most of the day, the hike was wet and slippery we had to walk in a line through the hole walk.

The next thing we did was we went to the beach when we got to the beach the bus were there. We stayed there for a little bit some people went for a sim and some people play games.

After that we went back on the bus we saw cool house on the way to camp. When we got there all of us had to take all the bags out of the two bus, then the owr of the camp came out to talk to us he said what to go and not to go on, after we got our bags and took to our rooms the people in my room was Sonny, Jayden, Paris, Evan and Heary  .

Then we had free time to play games some people went for a shower
the things we did was some of us played volleyball and played on the swing.

after that we went to have dinner. For dinner we all the year 8s had salad, chicken, roast vegetables and beatroute.Then we had dessert it was yum.

Then we waited for the dishers to finished we went back to play then. We had to go on the deck for a meeting the teacher told are groups you had to make a torrent then we went make one.

Then all us went into the hall we played some games we played spot light in the dark after that we got ready for bed.