Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Cross country

The day of the cross country when we went to line up at the start I felt like I was good to go. But what if I trip over where the start is.?

Then Mr Burt started the race with the clappers. Mr Burt slammed the clappers together next everyone ran off, I ran in the middle of the people. I did feel a thing .

In tlie I ran to half way I stop and started to walk then I said to myself
don’t give up next I put one foot after the other.

After a while I was gasping for air there was squelch mud under my feet. but I could see the finish line I am on my way to the finish line.

I saw four people running to the finish then I said to myself ‘give it my all’, I started to run to the finish I passed three.

“Yes,” I said. I felt happy it was over.

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