Monday, December 16, 2013

korilee Farewell

I am year 7 at Tt England school and it has being a good year in 2013. I have done cool things this year like doing art and making movies for the school. 

I have made very cool friends this year. Their names are Sonny and 
Mosa. Farewell to you two.  It has been a cool and a good year with yous.

Thank you Mrs Nua for  helping me with my reading. You have been very cool teacher.

I hope I am going to be in room 20 next year or in room 22 next year for 2014 it well be cool to be in one of those classes.

I like doing art and making movie for the school and. I like doing
my reading. Reading is cool for people like me and making funny


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  1. Great blog post Kori-Lee! My name is Megan Long and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in the United States of America. Ending a school year is always bittersweet. I am happy that you made new friends this year, and I hope that next year you will make many more. This year, I learned how to use iMovie to make movies on the computer. If you have never tried that, you should because it is a lot of fun! Good luck next year at school, and I hope that you learn a lot!