Monday, March 11, 2013

The Cool Picnic

On Friday our school had a picnic, when we got there some of us went to play on the beach.Some of the group had lunch
under the tree. I make a sandcastle with my friends I found some cool shell.

Then I went on the rock I saw Howard on the rock then I went to have some lunch. Then I did some freerunning on the park with my friends.
Then we went  down to the beach freerunning then we saw mosa was making sand balls I maed a sand ball I kick it .

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  1. Hey Kori-Lee

    It sounds like the school picnic would be a brilliant time to catch up with friends, I hope you enjoyed your self. Be careful with what tense you are wtriting in it will help your writing flow and make sense :)

    Have fun and keep writing :)
    Mr. Hutchings